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Corturi pentru evenimente!
Corturi industriale!
Corturi pentru evenimente!
Corturi industriale!
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  Industrial tents – the latest and the most efficient storage method.
  The ascending trend of industrial sectors like constructions, constructions materials, textile and processing industry, together with the development of the import – export operations between the Romanian and foreign companies are just a few elements that contribute to the companies’ need for storage:

       Warehouses for raw materials, finished goods, packing.
       Temporary or permanent workshops for seasonal activities.
       Constructions activities.
       Logistics activities.
       Mobile housing for road constructions (rainy season).
       Tents for special events: fairs, exhibitions, mobile showroom.
       Spaces for emergencies: floods, avalanches, special army situations.
       Sports events.
  How come all the industrial tents have such a wide utilization area? Very simple!!

       Minimum delivery time – compared with a classical facility, the delivery time is only two weeks.
       Fast assembling and fast dismantling – according to the tents` dimension and especially its height.          Moreover, the tent can be dismantled, transported and reassembled identically to any new location.
       Minimum warranty period for industrial tents - 3 years (see our contract clauses).
       Subsequent changes to the tent: doors, windows, stained-glass windows.
       Our professional touch.

  Raw materials:

       Steel or Aluminum structures
       Roof: PVC foil

  For further information, please contact us.
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