Terenuri de sport! Prelate! Corturi! Terenuri de sport! Prelate! Corturi!
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  Using top of the art Swiss equipment, from our Bucharest workshop, we can supply:

       Customer tailored tarpaulins for: trucks, automobile trailer and semi-trailer.
       Tarpaulin reparation.
       On site tarpaulin reparation and/or in cases of emergencies.
       Tarpaulin maintenance.
       Tarpaulin printing using your mock-ups.

  You are invited to visit our showroom and workshop in order to get acquainted with our tarpaulin samples, different textures and colors. For technical information, you can contact us by email (adresa) or directly by phone – 0729.978.261 Kulpy – Technical Manager.
Terenuri de sport! Prelate! Corturi!
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Terenuri de sport! Prelate! Terenuri de sport!Prelate! Corturi!